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Our LEAD Model™

Changing the Leadership Paradigm

Servant Leaders Put the Needs of Others Before Themselves

Common Ground’s LEAD Model™ is borne out of a servant leader paradigm and is designed for leaders who are willing to work hard in service of goals that transcends personal interests.

Entrepreneurial in spirit and team-based in approach, LEAD is anchored by the experiences, knowledge, and skills of a diverse group of very talented people—and structured to create a cadre of leaders committed to public service and public problem-solving.

Grounded within the interplay of two ideas—human potential and social responsibility—the program is highly adaptable with flexible training methodologies and distinct components to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, ages, genders, cultures, and personality types.


LEAD MK™ is a leadership initiative designed by Common Ground to provide Macedonia’s most talented, engaged, and entrepreneurial young people with the skills and resources they need to advocate effectively on the issues that matter to them most.

Participants are convened for a 7-day LEAD Academy designed to stimulate and cultivate each participant’s unique leadership experience through a “Community of Practice”—a group of peers who work together across disciplines to define and help solve Macedonia’s most serious, difficult, and pressing social issues.

The program has recruited four classes since 2016.

LEAD Uganda™

LEAD Uganda™ was designed and implemented by Common Ground and USAID’s Feed the Future Uganda to spark explosive growth in the agricultural sector and solve deeply entrenched sector-wide problems. LEAD UG supported a cadre of the country’s most trusted, powerful and well-known leaders who were committed to helping Uganda achieve its agricultural potential.

The program leveraged the wisdom, experience and talent of very high-achieving participants to break down barriers, destroy apathy and inaction, and solve significant agricultural problems.

The high-profile program was launched by Ugandan President Museveni in 2016 and recruited its second cohort in 2018.


Working on behalf of the Sikh American Legal Defense & Education Fund (SALDEF), Common Ground designed and implemented SikhLEAD™—a contemporary cultural leadership program based on our highly adaptable LEAD Model™.

The program brings together Sikh American college students for leadership training, personal development, and networking. This program (and a related summer internship program) help students unlock their unique leadership style through a mix of public storytelling (Street Speaking), personal vision statement development, and a variety of other activities designed to facilitate high-impact community-based change.

The CGC Team has an innate ability to allow others to open up. They obtain your trust by first asking for it and then by sharing personal anecdotes. The journey that my peers and I embarked on with CGC was unlike any other experience. We were all strangers, but with their help and through their team building and leadership activities, a group of strangers were able to create long-lasting bonds while simultaneously working on their own leadership skills. Manjinder Singh, SikhLEAD Participant


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