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Prior to the coronavirus pandemic—with climate change as the impetus—our team had been working to transform how we do business.
For almost a year, we have been piloting less travel-intensive approaches to achieving the transformational outcomes our clients expect.
We believe that our work together can be can powerful, even when we can’t be together in person.

Now, as a result of the virus and the need for social distancing to curb its spread, we are dramatically expanding our efforts. Like you, we understand work and business must continue. But, more than ever before, it must be balanced with a profound commitment to our shared social responsibilities.

Our team already employs state-of-the art online tools and platforms, synchronous and asynchronous distance learning,
and virtual approaches to everything from training to performance appraisals and coaching. Moving forward, we are committed to working with you to pioneer additional methods and create outside-the-box solutions to meeting your management, programmatic, and sustainability needs.

Evolving Our Approaches

Our hands-on S.T.A.R.T. Process™ is the gold standard when it comes to large-scale, intensive, organizational development and change management engagements; helping transform multi-national organizations like the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and savings them hundreds of thousands of dollars in management expenses.


Not every organization is able to make that sort of investment, however; nor is it always necessary. Our Rapid S.T.A.R.T. (Strategy, Action & Results)™ process streamlines assessment and focuses only on interventions that will have the greatest positive impact in the shortest amount of time. We’ve conducted this process with 75+ organizations around the world—typically partner organizations to large development initiatives.


Our Rapid S.T.A.R.T.™ process requires as little as half a day in-person with an organization.

Expanding Distance Learning

Common Ground has provided high-quality, interactive, non-formal education and training to hundreds or organizations and thousands of people. It is a hallmark of our work. It is also increasingly expensive and quite inefficient. As a result, we have been at the forefront of the movement to build local capacity when it comes to supporting the social profit (non-profit, non-governmental, civil society) sector.


We train trainers and consultants to do what we do, to do it well, and to do it in their own communities. This saves money, reduces travel, and ensures that local expertise is always a part of any solution.


For example, our Consulting Academy Model™ makes it possible to identify outstanding local experts, train them in best-practice approaches, support them with online coaching, and build their capacity to provide many of the core institutional strengthening services that we would typically provide—strategic planning, communications audits, policy development, etc.


Our Online Advocacy Course is just one recent example of our commitment to distance learning. We first developed and piloted the course for the USAID-funded Community, Family and Youth Resilience (CFYR) Program, which supports vulnerable youth ages 10-29 and is being implemented in fifteen communities across the Caribbean. This particular course provides practical instruction focused on how to use our advocacy toolkit to create and implement policy advocacy activities.


The format for our online training courses adapts easily to a wide variety of subject matter. Each course session includes pre-assigned readings and many of the sessions feature lecture, guest speakers, and question and answer time. Course work is assigned for each session and is a required component of the course.

Handling Sensitive Issues & Managing Privacy

Some processes—like performance appraisals—require a high-degree of sensitivity and thoughtful execution. We have designed leading-edge tools working closely with our partner, SpiderGap. This makes it possible for us to conduct virtual, state-of-the-art, 360-degree assessments that are client-centered, fully-customizable, and uniquely designed.


Coaching and mentoring has been central to our work for more than 20 years. We’ve been a senior consultant and subject matter expert to almost every U.S. government mentoring initiative since the mid-1990’s and we added executive coaching to our roster of services a few years later.


These days, online coaching is a defined part of almost all of our major engagements. It allows us to work continuously with our partners, solve urgent problems, and better prepare everyone for those times when we are together in-person.




We promise: We will exceed your expectations.