Featured Intervention:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

We Are All Storytellers

One of the most powerful ways we have found to build community is through the practice of storytelling. Stories capture our essence. They explain what makes each of us who we are. Through Lifestories™, we help people tap into their own authenticity and use that passion to move people into powerful relationships with each other.

Beyond building community among participants, this high-intensity activity has a number of other outcomes, including raising issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; as well as creating a space for participants to express themselves in a way that honors their own gifts. We find those who struggle in big group discussions find this activity liberating; while those who often demand more space learn to listen deeply.

Creating a sacred space for people to share a part of themselves—something deeply personal—perhaps for the first time, encourages risk-taking and opens people up to a profound new way of experiencing one another. It gives people permission to explain who they are and how they walk in the world. It sparks powerful emotion and allows for a kind of non-judgmental experience that is increasingly difficult to find in our polarized world.

It also requires clear ground rules and careful facilitation; our experience in this regard is essential.

This is one of those activities that people remember and talk about for a lifetime. We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve heard from people years later that this experience profoundly impacted the course of their life.


We promise: We will exceed your expectations.