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Social Profit Resources

When you become a member of our online community and you login, you'll have access to dozens of resources to assist you in your work. You'll find materials related to: Board Development, Group Dynamics, Inspiration, Passion Raising (Fund Development), Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, Sustainability, and Training Design & Facilitation among others.


At Common Ground Consulting, our passion is making positive social change possible in communities around the globe. Over almost two decades, we have worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in almost every state (47 and counting) and 26 countries throughout Europe, Africa, South and Latin America, and the Middle East.

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We have had countless opportunities to share our knowledge and experience; and we have benefited and improved our methods building on the expertise and wisdom of young people, policy experts, social sector professionals, academics, philanthropists, government officials, our family and friends, and people just like you.

We look for passion and inspiration everyday and in every place; and are constantly rewarded with new growth and new learning. We are relentless in pursuing our belief that life happens on the edge of our comfort zones!

In this Resource Center, members will find a variety of materials that we hope will support your efforts to affect change. We've assembled articles that we have published, exercises and handouts that support our consulting strategy and methods, back issues of our Quick Tips newsletter, and some inspirational resources to help get you through those tough moments where cynicism and despair have started to replace your hope and passion.

These resources are our gift to you as a member of our online community. We hope you'll find them useful in your work; and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues and confidants-and even your competitors!

We'll be adding new resources all the time and encourage you to check back often. We also encourage you to check out our online weblog for additional tips, tools, and techniques. In fact, we encourage you to post to the blog! Please share the resources you've developed and help us create a strong, vibrant, and sustainable social profit sector.

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