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Privacy Policy
Common Ground Consulting LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors and Site users. The Site allows users to store and/or update contact information, such as their name, address, phone number, e-mail address, requests to receive Common Ground Consulting LLC announcements, the ability to not receive ground mail, e-mail or phone calls from Common Ground Consulting LLC, etc. Information that our visitors and Site users provide or that Common Ground Consulting LLC derives from internal web tracking is not sold or rented to any individual or organization.

However, from time to time and after careful consideration, Common Ground Consulting LLC may chose to provide a set of pre-printed mailing address labels to a Common Ground Consulting LLC partner for the sole purpose of mailing informational or other materials that Common Ground Consulting LLC believes may be of interest to its Site visitors or Site users. (If you have chosen not to receive ground mail from Common Ground Consulting LLC in your contact information profile, you will also not receive ground mail from select Common Ground Consulting LLC partners under the conditions previously outlined). Common Ground partners will be prohibited from storing or using any visitor or Site user contact information that is provided to them by Common Ground Consulting LLC for any purposes other than those approved by Common Ground Consulting LLC.

Except for specific use by Common Ground Consulting LLC staff to contact members of interested visitors, the phone numbers, e-mail addresses and any other personal information of visitors and Site users will not be sold, rented, shared or provided to any individual or organization for any purpose. If you do not wish to receive ground mail, e-mail announcements or phone calls, visitors or Site users have the option to let Common Ground Consulting LLC know that by checking the appropriate boxes in their contact information profile.

If visitors to the Site have difficulty registering, revising, or deleting their personal information, they should contact

The Site server log captures the IP address of the computer that connects to the Site and may document the operating system and browser the visitor is using. This information will not be tracked back to any individual or organization. The Site may use a cookie to maintain the visitor's session. However, that cookie will not capture any personal information about the visitor or Site user.

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