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In my travels, I am often asked why I do this work, what has motivated me to work in the social sector my entire career. I believe that the measure of a truly spectacular person-a leader in their field, a devoted parent, a gifted child, a teacher, an activist-is always reflected best by their connection to their own passion. Our work in the social profit sector is about making the world a better place for the people who are struggling and suffering now and those who will inhabit the world when we are gone. I am motivated by change, and courage, and the bottom-line belief that people are basically good and wanting and struggling to become better.

Many years ago, I participated in an outstanding leadership program-the New Generation Training Program. It was one of those opportunities that was useful in the moment, but whose powerful impact really only became clear years later. One of the key activities of the program was the development of a personal mission statement. In the social profit sector we are all familiar with organizational mission statements. The personal version has the same intent: to define your core values and help you achieve your dreams.

At the beginning of every new year, I review my statement, evaluating my actions against what I know to be important to me. It gets me back on track, if I've drifted. A couple of times I've made changes to my mission, but they have always been minor and usually reflected newly discovered passions or powerful new dreams. I hope after reading my mission, you'll take the time to create your own. Tell your life story. Act boldly to achieve your dreams.

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