"The CGC Team has an innate ability to allow others to open up. They obtain your trust by first asking for it and then by sharing personal anecdotes. The journey that my peers and I embarked on with CGC was unlike any other experience. We were all strangers, but with their help and through their team building and leadership activities, a group of strangers were able to create long-lasting bonds while simultaneously working on their own leadership skills."

Manjinder Singh, SikhLEAD Participant

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Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Training

World-class training available to everyone.

For Government, the Corporate Sector, and Nonprofits / NGOs

Over the past 30 years, Common Ground has engaged in the design and delivery of high-quality, interactive, non-formal education and training. Our work has focused on assisting groups develop and implement mission critical goals, prepare staff and board members to better perform their roles, and assist in identifying and solving complex problems they may be facing. All of our in-house, off-the-shelf (OTS) training curriculum is practical and culturally-competent. It is also constantly being evolved by our training professionals to reflect best and promising practices.

Our team delivers dozens of discrete training events designed using our Strategic Design System (SDS) each year. We believe training is a catalyst that can lead to engagement and action. For us, training is not an end in itself, but rather a means to achieving results and impact. With this in mind, we’ll work closely with your planning team to make sure we deliver on the results you’re expecting.

Every organization grapples with conflict from time to time, often as a result of necessary, but difficult change. In navigating that change, most real-world decisions have a status quo option—a choice that means doing nothing and/or maintaining a current or previous decision. And the truth is, according to the experts, most of us prefer that option—even when it is no longer in our interests.

Decades of social science research have identified a cognitive bias, which leads people to prefer things stay the same, or change as little as possible, if they absolutely must be altered. We call this the status quo bias.

In addition to transparency and good communications, one of the most useful skills in managing change is the art of giving and receiving feedback.

In our various OTS workshops, we provide participants with practical tools and useful skills to help resolve typical organizational conflicts, particularly those that elicit strong differences in opinion, or reflect disagreements between leadership, management, and/or field staff.
These highly-interactive sessions are grounded in global best practices for adult learners and include:

• Change research and models;
• Values clarification activities;
• Trust-building exercises;
• Feedback role plays; and more.

Participants leave our workshops with specific strategies for building trust, deescalating conflict, structuring feedback messages, and responding to criticism.

While our standard sessions are specifically designed for a wide range of audiences, the sessions we deliver to your participants will incorporate timely and relevant, real-world issues facing your organization or agency.

Depending on your needs, these sessions can be adapted and tailored to tackle issues that are facing your team right now.


We promise: We will exceed your expectations.

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