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Our START™ Process

Since 2007, Common Ground has often been asked to conduct our trademark START™ (Strategy, Action, & Results) Assessment Process with dozens of organizations around the world (Please see our public clients list). The process begins with a comprehensive document review and onsite interviews with key stakeholders specifically designed to help organizations move forward in their efforts to ensure organizational viability and sustainability.

In order to assist organizations in moving forward, our process leads to the development of a comprehensive tool that offers our written assessment of an organization's strengths, challenges, and current needs. We make concrete recommendations with clear examples, followed up with short-term action steps. Whenever possible, we also suggest ideas for additional funding sources and we provide a set of recommended resources and instructions for accessing them. It's a practical tool and a useful resource.

The report offers an assessment of what we believe will improve the organization's mission-critical goals while supporting infrastructure development, planning, and long-term sustainability. Clients are encouraged to review the recommendations, discuss them with the appropriate stakeholders (staff, board, members, etc.); and let us know if they have questions or need additional information. In many cases our work continues with our FLIGHT™ (Follow-Up & Highlights) Process.

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