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At Common Ground Consulting LLC, we endeavor to meet the scheduling needs of our many clients around the world. In doing so, we are often booked many months in advance. If you have a specific date or dates when you may need our help, please check the calendar below. Dates shaded in lavender or green are booked or are tentatively being held for a client. 

In 2009, we will be averaging at least one consultancy outside of the United States each month. Those dates are blocked in green. As international travel rates can be very high, it is usually possible—and cost effective—to add days to the beginning or end of a scheduled trip. If you'd like to schedule us for a project, please check the calendar and complete our online Consulting Request Form.

As schedules often change, please call or email us before ruling out our participation, even if your choice of dates appears currently unavailable.* 

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* Our calendar is updated often and through at least the next six months.

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