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"Craig Bowman provided process design and facilitation support to one of our Organisational Development partners, a network of more than 20 civil society organisations across the globe. As every OD specialist will tell you, working with networks can be very difficult and this assignment was a particularly complex one. Craig took on the challenge and invested all of himself into it, sparing no effort. He progressively built trust and credibility with the group, till he was able to lead them to an outcome that met their respective needs and provided them with the renewed vision and shared purpose they were longing for. Craig is a skilled facilitator that has great courage and integrity, I will gladly work with him again."
Carole Frampton-de Tscharner, Organizational Development Lead and International Partnerships Manager, PeaceNexus Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland (2019)

"For over a year Craig facilitated a very complex virtual process within our global network with colleagues from over 20 countries, culminating in an in person retreat where we had to make difficult decisions to revise our purpose and structure. Craig was creative, energetic, directive when he needed to be, and designed and led an amazing process that helped us reach a final outcome everyone was happy with. (And remember the joy we feel at being together!) We are forever indebted to Craig for his engagement with our Network - he helped us get “unstuck” after many years of entrenched bad habits an ineffective structure. Thank you Craig!!"
Julia Roig, President and CEO, PartnersGlobal, Washington, DC (2019)

"Craig has worked as an expert and consultant for three MCC- and USAID-funded programs that I also worked for. After my first time working with Craig on the MCC project in Albania, I hired Craig to work for my organization's projects in Azerbaijan and Macedonia. He is truly an exceptional expert and person to work with. He delivers high quality, interesting training and mentoring that makes an impact on a wide variety of issues. In Albania, we hired him to work with local CSOs on advocacy and capacity development; in Azerbaijan and Macedonia, we hired him to develop the program and provide training and mentoring for our youth leadership programs there. All the local partners—CSOs and youth, as well as field office staff—had only the highest praise for Craig. I supervised his work for our programs in the three above-mentioned countries and I found Craig to be very responsive to our needs and ideas, very good at meeting deadlines, and very understanding and respectful of local partners/beneficiaries. Craig knows this: anytime that we need his type of expertise, we go to him first, as he is truly one of the top experts that we have ever engaged."

Delina Fico, Director of Civil Society Programs, East West Management Institute, New York, NY (2018)

"I got to meet Craig in 2014 through the USAID Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Agriculture Activity Consulting Academy in Uganda organized by Chemonics. His approaches, guidance, level of commitment and flexibility transformed my outlook of consulting services in institutional development. Since our first encounter, my experience and approaches to institutional development have never been the same. Thank you Craig for the wealth of knowledge you have and selfless way in which you share it. The resources you develop and share are invaluable."

Felix Andama, Public Administration and Management Consultant, Uganda Management Institute, Kampala, Uganda (2018)

"Craig facilitated a pivotal two-day retreat for our office in the wake of a re-organization and significant cuts to staffing and budget. He agreed to work with us on short notice, just a few weeks out from the event, when our original facilitator unexpectedly had to cancel, but you would never have known it. In a very short time, Craig worked with staff to understand where we were and where we needed to go, and crafted a retreat agenda that was appropriately calibrated to process what we had been through, build trust and make thoughtful decisions about how to move forward. While we did not address everything we needed to in those two-days, Craig's respectful, empathetic and challenging facilitation laid the groundwork for us to confidently continue on our own. It was truly a turning point in the change management for our office when we went from feeling resentful and anxious to being energized, positive and forward-looking. I can't thank Craig enough."

Stephanie Rust, Director of Overseas Programming and Training Support (OPATS), Peace Corps, Washington, DC (2018)

"Our original request was for a facilitator at our 3 day offsite - but Craig and his team did much more than just show up for the event. Prior to the offsite, Craig invested significant time learning and digesting the history and culture of our organization; he helped our entire leadership team think through critical issues; he spent hours and hours checking the temperature and getting feedback from the staff; he thoughtfully challenged us with his insightful questions, and ultimately helped to narrow and clarify the issues. When the day of the offsite arrived, Craig and his team were prepared with a robust agenda, but more importantly were willing and able to quickly adjust the schedule given the events of the first day. Overall, Craig and his team were an invaluable asset to both the leadership team and the staff. It was pleasure to work with Common Ground Consulting!"

Elaine Ho, Chief of Staff, U.S. Digital Service (USDS), Washington, DC (2018)

"As a 26-year-old woman planning to venture into a business on her own, the meeting with Craig in 2014 changed my perception on possibilities, showing me that the world in which I wanted to make my mark could be made smaller, and thus my positive impact on it made bigger, with the right kind of information. During a leadership training, he was not only knowledgeable, but made this knowledge fascinating by infusing modern technology, statistics, and quotes to make for a unique learning experience. He was technologically savvy; his ease with the latest tools and software made me believe that the future is mine for the taking. Indeed, I have slowly begun to take my future into my own hands, and, by applying this knowledge, have made positive impacts in the lives of Ugandan small businesses! Craig is that individual who will make you giddy to seek knowledge and show you how to acquire such knowledge at the click of a button. Then, if you are like me and use what he has taught and demonstrated, you become a citizen of the world--even from a country as tiny as Uganda."

Kevin Grace, Managing Director, Financial Literacy Consultant at Amarin Financial Group, Kampala, Uganda (2018)

"We met with Craig in December 2016 where he was invited to share his experience and knowledge in consulting for our Pool of Trainers of the National Youth Council of Macedonia. He held an outstanding three day course for 20 youth trainers who were given valuable tips that can enhance their work. Additionally, Craig established the pillars of the LEAD Fellowship Program that in the next four years will engage 80 young fellows that will be actively engaged in their communities. He created the methodology for the 7-day residential training for the first cohort of youth fellows. His training methods are interactive, understandable, values-based, and very inspiring. His training methodology and philosophy will be the foundation of the next generations of LEAD Fellows. He is very professional, open for discussion, and always gives advice and useful tips. We were very honored that we were able to work with a highly valuable experienced professional and a very modest man."

Martin Miloshevski, Coordinator of International Affairs & Policy, National Youth Council of Macedonia (USAID CEP Activity), Skopje, Macedonia (2017)

"One of the brightest and most creative people you will ever meet. Passionately committed to enhancing the potential of people all around the world. Focused, driven, technically first class, innovative, patient and compassionate--a combination you will rarely if ever find. Being in a workshop room with Craig is a life changing experience."

Malcolm Toland, International Consultant in Economic Development (USAID EEA Activity), Kampala, Uganda (2016)

"The Young Farmers Coalition of Uganda (YOFACO) hails Mr. Craig Bowman for the great work you have done to enable us to become a strong young farmers' organization in Uganda; you were a lead person in our formation and building our capacity. Your training on leadership, governance, policy, advocacy, communications and financial management enabled us to come up with a productive strategic plan that enabled us to deliver on the organization's goals. All we can say about you is that 'We are because you are.' Keep creating change wherever you go as you have done for us here, the world needs people like you who want to see every life turn into a successful one through sharing with them the knowledge and experience you have."

Tumwebaze Khamutima, Executive Director, Young Farmers Coalition of Uganda (YOFACO), Kampala, Uganda (2015)

"Craig helped our diverse team better appreciate the value of communications and embracing change, enabling us to really benefit from what he calls "the economics of trust." He made an impact in just one session for us, breaking through some real challenges for our team, but of course with those kind of results we've turned to him for more. Craig's a pleasure to work with: personable, professional, flexible, and--most important--effective."

Brian Cognato, Program Operations Specialist, U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, DC (2014)

"Although a relatively small government office, we've suffered from long-term leadership gaps and substantial personality conflicts. As change is often slow or rare in the public sector, we approached our team-building workshop with a healthy dose of skepticism. What we got was a delightful and intelligent facilitator in Craig; a skillful series of directed discussions about the 800 pound elephant in the room; just the right amount of innovative support materials to open up and inspire the team when attention faded; and emergence of a committed team by the end of the day. It was the most worthwhile team-building exercise I've ever been a part of and our entire team was simultaneously astounded and grateful at how effective Craig was in facilitating discussions of sensitive but critical issues and dealing with a wide array of personalities along the way."

Katherine Crawford, Director, DCHA/Office of American Schools & Hospitals Abroad, U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, DC (2014)

"Craig is the consummate professional. He is a pleasure to work with because of his commitment to delivering the best possible work regardless of the circumstances, his willingness to be flexible and work within the constraints of the project, and his great sense of humor and personality. I always appreciate his honesty and candor, and I have learned a great deal from him over the years."

Gretchen Elias, Senior Program Officer, Institute for Sustainable Communities, Montpelier, VT (2012)

"Child Helpline International has worked with Craig Bowman several times over the past four years. With each assignment, Craig has gained our trust, delved into our organisation and assessed our needs, then taken us through the most engaging and well prepared sessions with real and lasting outcomes. I defy anyone who works with Craig to not be impressed by the force of his intelligent approach and unique solutions to organisational challenges. I highly recommend Craig and Common Ground Consulting."

Helen Mason, Head of Operations, Child Helpline International, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2012)

"We hired Craig to deliver a keynote address and skill development workshop for our annual conference in 2012. Craig delivered with outstanding results and is someone that we will work with again in the future. Feedback about him in evaluations completed by attendees was very specific and confirmed that he was engaging and compelling and shared information that was meaningful to those in the audience. He prompted individuals to reflect on their current practices while offering ideas and tools to help them improve results (outcomes) and take their work to the next level as is so important in todays changing and complex world. I recommend Craig highly as a most competent, charismatic and poised professional who has a depth of knowledge in his speciality and content areas that is remarkable."

Franca Floro, Director of Training, Mentoring Partnership of Long Island, Long Island, NY (2012)

"Craig is the most talented management consultant and coach I have ever worked with. He is perceptive and personable. He works with each organization, and adapts to their needs. He is genuine, and does not rely on management consultant-speak and generic tools. I highly recommend Craig and Common Ground Consulting."

Melinda Hanson, Senior Program Associate, ClimateWorks Foundation, San Francisco, CA (2011)

"ITDP tripled in size in three years. It was causing a lot of stress. Even though our organization isnt that big, its extremely complicated, with field offices in seven countries. People's job descriptions were no longer clear, our administrative systems were not built for an organization of that size, our staff were primarily advocates and technical experts, not managers, and staff morale was falling. I am not sure we could have found someone better able to first understand the complicated dynamics of our mission-driven organization, then help us sort out our administrative and management structures in a way that was sympathetic to the people and the mission, and finally to make the tough decisions about the new management structures. We were very happy with Common Ground's work."

Walter Hook, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), New York, NY (2011)

"Wow! What a presentation! Craig, thank you so much for being a part of this year's Michigan AmeriCorps Celebration. Your keynote was definitely the highlight of the day and members loved hearing from you. The content was perfect for this audience and inspired not only the members, but our Board, program staff, and others as well. The video clips were also a great way to keep the audience engaged. You have an incredible gift and it is so great to see how you are using it to empower others."

Megan Sargent, Training and Inclusion Coordinator, Michigan Community Service Commission, Lansing, MI (2011)

"I had the pleasure of working with Craig during the SALDEF SikhLEAD Leadership Development Program. Craig was a phenomenal coach during the program. Craig encompasses an innate ability to allow others to open up to him. He obtains your trust by first asking for it and then by sharing his own personal anecdotes with you. The journey that my peers and I embarked on with Craig was unlike any other experience. Essentially, the group members that were involved in the program were all strangers but with CraigÕs help and through his team building and leadership development activities, a group of strangers were able to create long-lasting bonds with one another while simultaneously working on their own leadership skills. I cannot emphasize how talented and helpful Craig is. I highly recommend him!"

Manjinder Singh, Participant, SALDEF SikhLEAD Leadership Academy, Washington, DC (2011)

"Craig was an incredible asset to the SikhLead program run by SALDEF. His workshops catered to leadership and organizational issues the Sikh community has been dealing with for a long time. As an alumni member of the SikhLEAD program, I can speak first hand to public speaking skills the other alumni members and I gained. We appreciated his compassion and thoughtful analysis of issues pertaining to the Sikh community. All of the alumni members will remain active in helping to implement the reforms Craig will recommend to SALDEF. We are thankful and consider ourselves fortunate in having Craig with us during the SikhLead program."

Ameek Sodhi, Participant, SALDEF SikhLEAD Leadership Academy, Washington, DC (2011)

"Craig is an excellent presenter who is able to clearly and effectively convey ideas to his audience. He is able to push his listeners to think "outside the box", which I believe is a crucial skill to have in a professional environment. He was a pleasure to work with!"

Jagdeep Bhamra, Participant, SALDEF SikhLEAD Leadership Academy, Washington, DC (2011)

"Craig, I want to tell that I am now doing my best to make my biggest dream come true! If you remember in the Academy I wrote 'I do what I do to make my dreams come true.' And seriously that Academy and all the things you taught us really changed my life and made me even stronger and made me go through my dreams. Excuse me for writing it too long because I can't find the words how to thank you for changing my life and making me 'the strong person who is giving her best to reach her dreams.'

I am writing this message because I am applying to an International University in France-Dijon. Its called Sciences Po and I am applying for my undergraduate studies in international relations and political science ... because your words and things you taught to me really changed my life."

Senem Safci, Participant, Kosovo Summer Youth Leadership Academy (KSYLA), Kosovo (2011)

"Craig, I've rarely met anyone as passionate about their work as you are, and I found it to be inspiring and contagious. After the first meeting I was feeling like I could change the world (well, not the world, perhaps just the work ethics here). The problem with passion though is that it needs to be nurtured, something that I'm finding lacking in Albania. I'm also realizing for the first time why some people may quit their jobs after working with you: it's hard to go back to the routine after experiencing such a high.

The longer my stay here, the more often I catch myself thinking: Don't worry, it's only till September. Then you get to go back to your real work! That 'Life happens on the edge of your comfort zone' is making me think that perhaps I should bring my 'real work' here..."

Ravesa Lleshi, Institute for Economic and Legal Consulting, Tirana, Albania (2010)

"Craig worked with my favorite Montana non-profit during a crisis which threatened to consume--and destroy--the organization. Because of Craig's ability to think outside the box, and especially because all affected principals immediately trusted his leadership, we got great results, and in spite of our near nuclear meltdown, he helped us climb back on the wagon and do our job. I recommend Craig absolutely and unconditionally as the best possible consultant during difficult times. Further, had we hired him as an organizational development consultant during the GOOD times, there wouldn't have been a crisis in the first place!"

Dude Tyler, Former Board Chair, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Park County, Livingston, MT (2010)

"I first met Craig when he was presenting at a Department of Education conference in 2009, and was so impressed by his message and energy that I hired him to come and consult at IRCO in our youth programs department. He spent a day with our youth programming staff who were all equally blown away by his presence. He taught the staff about how to better approach youth, how to get to know youth and how to serve youth. Craig is personable, knowledgable and has an approach to working with people, especially youth, that cannot be matched. He is always professional, yet approachable and truely seems to enjoy his work. He is one of those people who, by just being around him, makes me want to work harder to make a difference in the lives of people around me."

Robin Hibbs, Program Coordinator, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), Portland, OR (2010)

"Craig is a visionary leader who managed the day to day details while always working for a better future. He handles setbacks with a sense of humor and aplomb knowing there are better things to come."

Tiffany Neill, Owner, Lautman, Maska, Neill & Company, Washington, DC (2010)

"Craig is an inspiring and brilliant person who is results-oriented, but always in touch with the resources his clients have; and with an amazing ability to recognize and mobilize their potential."

Momir Pantelic, M.D., Owner, Healthy Futures, Belgrade, Serbia (2010)

"Thank you so much for coming to Little Rock and sharing your wealth of information and passion about fund development with our Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Central Arkansas Board. I would say the biggest benefit for our board was seeing the difference between fundraising and fund development. We are not off of the event treadmill yet but the day we had with you moved us much farther ahead. One of the quotes I kept hearing back from them was "It's our job to ask, it's their job to decide."  Again, thanks so much for taking the time to come and invest in us."

Robin Trafford, Resource Development Officer, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of North Central Arkanss

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to work together! It was a whole new experience, regardless of the fact that i've been part of your modules in different environments, this one was something new, a complete package. Seeing those kids with so much happiness did change something in me. It says so much about their everyday life with lack of true values and happiness. I think you managed to put a smile and engrave great memories in their heads. They won't forget you."

Jeton Krasniqi, Grants Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Communities, Macedonia

"Thanks so much Craig, I am looking forward to a day that we can meet up in Iran. The workshop in Serbia [back in 2006] was undoubtedly one of the best workshops that I have attended so far. It was, among other things, great in influencing attitudes and mindsets."

Pedram M. Shandi, M.D. and CEO, Kiana Development Institute, Iran

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Craig for over 20 years and have continuously been impressed with Craig's work as a pioneer, advocate and change agent for social causes and social justice at the local, regional, national and global levels. Craig is an amazingly courageous, self-made and visionary individual that continuous to make altruistic, empathetic and strategic impacts. I also really appreciate that Craig is more concerned about the beneficiaries of his work rather than hyping his personal role in the process (i.e., he deserves FAR MORE credit and acknowledgment than he receives). Craig earned his stripes in multiple roles, including his work as a creative expert, project manager, liaison, facilitator, moderator, marketing communications lead, ideator, teacher and coach across hundreds of non-profit projects and organizations over the years, long before such work was "in vogue" (he was "saving the world" long before Bono and Bill Gates made it cool to do so). And let's not forget, while his heart has always been in the right place, Craig is very unique in that his mind and sense of pragmatism, strategic implications and client management are extremely grounded and sharp. Can't help but wish continued success for Craig."

Jeff Duvall, Founder & CEO, Forward 100, Atlanta, GA

"Craig, We wanted to drop you a note to let you know that after we attended your session on being bold, making a list of 25 people and asking for funds and longer commitments....we finally started. We asked our existing donors if they would fund us for the next 5 years, and after some time, we finally heard back - the answer was YES :) They have also told us to send them a proposal for additional funds for a latest round of cases. So you were right, sometimes you just need to ask. We're going to take a deep breath, and start asking #2-#25  on the chart you had us make. We're nervous, but keeping your pep talk in mind. Thank you for your encouragement, for that session, and for always being there!"

Priti and Tahir, Echoing Green Fellows

"Craig, I don't want you to take this the wrong way but I just can't stop thinking about you.  Let me preface that by saying that I was just so impacted and inspired by your presentations last week that I had to email you and tell you all that.  Since I have returned to work, I have been singing your praises to everyone I know about how much I learned from you and how we will be bringing you out to our community so others can have the same wonderful experience that I had in New Orleans.  I know in my heart that the inspiration I have gotten from you will transcend into sustainability for our mentoring program and I can't wait to get started."

Dawn Roy, LCSW, Program Coordinator Adolescent Addiction/Prevention Services, Bridges, Milford, CT (2009)

"Craig conducted a review of our organization and asked us questions that required volunteer leaderships' serious reflection and ultimately, acceptance of difficult  but, in the end, necessary, realities and decisions.  These decisions resulted in the closing of our agency's direct services after 38 years.  Our business model was no longer viable and we lacked the capacity to resussicate. It would not have been possible for us to reach the liberating place we did, in the time we did with our resources still intact, without Craig's skillful facilitation. His gentle insistence helped to move us forward when we were otherwise locked into a cycle of indecision."

Ross Pologe, Executive Director
Fellowship of Lights, Inc.
, Baltimore, MD (2009)

"How can you inspire 40 of the world's most inspiring young people? Get Craig Bowman. Seriously, contact him, but if you attend one of his workshops, get ready to shift your paradigms and be up late at night passionately reading about the subject he presents on.

I met Craig at an Echoing Green Fellows' Conference and attended 2 of his workshops: Fundraising Planning and Courting Major Donors. The room was full with the world's most innovative organizations dedicated to social change. We all had one thing in mind: how are we going to fund our organizations permanently.

Within minutes, Craig was able to instill more passion into this already passionate group of leaders. By the end of his presentation, he had sparked immediate action, we had figured out a way of getting a significant amount of funds within a week, but most importantly he was able to turn us into enthusiastic and strategic fundraisers. A month has passed and as odd as this might sound, Craig's advice, resources and insights ignited the 'discovery' of an awesome extreme sport, fundraising! I've been reading until 3am almost every day and aiming to be the best at it.

You were right Craig, if passion drives you, there is no limit, but your advice has made the road much smoother. I'm feeling more creative and driven than ever. OK enough. If you are serious about social change, you need to be serious and strategic about fundraising. How do you plan and reach the goal? Get Craig Bowman!

Craig, I know you might think you haven't done a lot in 'my case', but believe me, I hated asking for money. Even in my salsa lessons, in each 100 student group, I left 20 spaces for people who couldn't pay...and I charge around $3.50 per class! I just felt horrible asking for money, even when I'm providing them a service. But now, I'm turning into a money making machine, social profit style!  So yes, thanks for igniting that."

Rafael Cancel-Vazquez, Executive Director
National Environmental Law Association
, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2008)

"Common Ground provided training in March 2008 for the Lehigh Carbon Community College 21st Century SHINE After-School Program. The training, "Inspiring Educators," invoked much response from teachers and educational interns. One intern commented, "I did not expect to learn so much about myself and why I am so passionate about becoming a teacher." A teacher with over 30 years of experience in education stated, "The training made you reflect and evaluate your purpose in life and the goals you set for yourself." A college intern and parent of a child in SHINE said,"For me, Craig's training hit me when he told us to Live your passion! I think as children we do just that but as adults we forget and just go though the motions of life. If more people were given opportunities to live their passion the world would be a better place. I feel in some way, that is what we are giving 'our kids' in the SHINE Program, the ability to live their passion."

Jeanne Yoho Miller, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Director of Carbon and Schuylkill County Educational Services
SHINE After-School Program
, Carbon County, PA (2008)

"Craig Bowman has worked with me over the last four years as a consultant for several federally funded training and technical assistance projects aimed at strengthening youth development programs. My experience with Craig has been superior in all aspects. Craig has always delivered top notch results for a variety of projects including training sessions, keynotes, capacity building events, in-depth one-on-one consultation, and writing assignments. He is particularly skilled at motivating staff members to find their passion for fundraising and energizing board members. Craig has the rare ability to effectively teach concepts related to diversity and tolerance. His vast knowledge of youth development and sustainability planning creates a winning combination for not-for-profits and state-based groups looking to strengthen their programs. Personally, Craig is upbeat, positive, and flexible. His outgoing and positive personality makes participants feel supported and comfortable. Most of all, I appreciate Mr. Bowman's flexibility. He is able to read his audiences and adjust training activities and site visits on a moments notice to meet client needs. He has also been willing to take assignments in some of the least desirable locations on very short notice. I am delighted to provide this recommendation and truly believe that Mr. Bowman is an excellent consultant."

Amy Cannata
Senior Program Advisor, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
, Portland, OR (2008)

As a result of Common Ground's work with World Learning and the Open Society Institute Foundation in Macedonia, an article was written for a local newsletter. It has been translated here: Download PDF

Article in Prosveten Rabotnik

"Dear Craig, Violeta and I never got a chance to tell you how much we enjoyed the Ohrid [Macedonia] Mentoring Training you delivered in such an enthusiastic and authentic manner. It was one of the rare trainings we both stayed to follow, regardless of the fact whose turn was it to translate.

Actually, your training methods and strategies, the approach you adopted, and Victor Hugo's quotes have been the subject matter of the translators' table in a crowded Skopje cafe in the past two weeks, and that in itself, puts you in the spotlight of one of the most critical and anti-mainstream professional groups in a city that in the past 15 years of transition has seen everything and everybody and is very rarely impressed. Anyway, thank you once again for putting so much effort and professional commitment into making a change in our small, but incredibly important Macedonian reality."

Svetlana Spasovska
, Skopje, Macedonia (2007)

"I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how fortunate we are to have you as a core member of the MRC team. I can always count on you to deliver presentations that are consistently excellent. Your command of the subject matter is so well showcased because of your gifted understanding of human nature and your ability to reach not only minds but participant's hearts and souls. I'm included in that group. Thank you for your powerful contribution to mentoring."

Judy Taylor
Director, Mentoring Resource Center
, Folsom, CA (2007)

"I chanced upon Craig's website in early 2007, and was impressed and inspired by everything I read on it. Ever the skeptic, I first wanted to see what Craig's response to my initial inquiry would be before deciding whether to move forward. I was not clear in what capacity we could work together, so I wanted to see whether we were compatible. I was hooked from day one. Within an hour, he responded to my email and agreed to fit me into his tight schedule while working in Europe. At our first meeting, we chatted about ourselves, our backgrounds, what motivates us in our day-to-day work, etc. I knew that this was someone I wanted to work with.

After nine months of planning, Craig arrived in Amsterdam for what we had agreed would be a diversity workshop. After extensive one-on-one's with individual staff members the night before, Craig felt that we needed to tackle the issue of trust as an organisation before discussing diversity. And that is what we did. The session was everything I expected, and yet not what I expected at all. Craig is different from any consultant I have ever met in that he tailors his cookie-cutter models with him; no set agenda for the day; no unnecessary ice-breakers we've all done a million times. Everything is fresh, thought out AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE, depending on the organisational needs. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and he has left an indelible impression on our organisation, with one of our team members stating at a follow-up staff meeting..."Craig for President!" We hope the Craig will continue working with us, aiding us and inspiring us. With admiration..."

Leticia Vasquez
Head of Advocacy, Child Helpline International
, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2007)

"After attending a recent training on Diversity with Craig Bowman of Common Ground Consulting, I am inspired to write a testimonial on his behalf. Having been in the social work profession for over twenty five years, I have attended numerous trainings and have listened to a multitude of speakers. Craig Bowman's presentation on the topic of Diversity was the most inspirational, thought provoking, and 'hands on' presentation that I have experienced in my career.

The participatory nature of his workshop is particularly effective and cause for serious self examination of one's beliefs and value system. For the first time in my life, I experienced not only what I inadvertently may have done in judging others but also what it feels like to be judged and to be stereotyped. Never before have I attended a workshop having felt such a new sense of self-awareness. The dynamic exercises of Craig's training will permanently impact me both personally and professionally. Craig's presentation style, material, and techniques are world class, and I feel fortunate to have been able to attend one of his sessions. In fact, I have asked for our organization to organize a Part II so we can bring Mr. Bowman back for another thought provoking professional development session."

Glen Tilot
Social Worker, Brown County Human Services Department
, Green Bay, WI (2007)

"The workshop that Craig facilitated was very powerful. It made us all look at one another and see that we had lots of things in common even though we all looked different. It was very moving for me to see people open up and not be judged as they participated.  The "Crossing the Line" exercise is definitely one that I will be using in my next Diversity Session. The participants all walked away going 'Wow!'"

Jeanne A. Agneessens
Program Manager, Leadership Green Bay
, Green Bay, WI (2007)

"We contracted with Craig to deliver intensive sustainability workshops for a cohort of mentoring programs, many of which are facing imminent funding decreases. Craig was delightful to work with and participants responded extremely positively to his presentation and materials. In the words of one participant, "Craig is great at connecting with the audience ... no one wanted to let him go!"

Nicky Martin
LEARNS and SaYES Project Director, Volunteer Leadership Center at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
, Portland, OR (2007)

"Craig has worked as a consultant with EMT for several years and has always delivered superior services. He is responsive, timely, and has a highly diversified knowledge base - one of those rare individuals who can write, facilitate, and present workshops and keynotes equally well. His knowledge of organizational development is unsurpassed and he makes complex subjects easy to understand and implement. He delivers the best diversity workshop I've seen. Conference management is a major part of my job and working with Craig is enjoyable and uncomplicated. He is truly a joy to work with before, during and after events. He is always one of our highest rated presenters and I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

Lisa Scott
Program Manager, Mentor Resource Center & EMT Associates
, Folsom, CA (2007)

"Craig, before you came, we were in dire straits facing an overwhelming transition in our organization. The Board definitely felt unprepared and fearful. Then, you arrived. Almost immediately the tension and apprehension about dealing with all these changes began to dissipate. Over the next few days, you really helped us all to regain our footing and begin strategizing a plan that we could all live with - the Board and the staff. You helped us find common ground in a time when we were having trouble with simple communication and planning. You really saved the day and put us on the right track. I believe we will be able to survive this challenging time, succeed beyond our dreams and sustain our vision into the future thanks to your guidance. Of course to do that, more than one of us says WWCD (what would Craig do) at least once a day. Thanks for everything!"

Lea Chatham
Board Chair, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Park County
, Livingston, MT (2007)

"It was unalloyed pleasure to work with Craig - he surpassed all our expectations! In the brief but powerful time we had with him, he helped us find insights, strengths, motivation, strategies and resources to help our organization take the necessary next steps. Craig is versatile, knowledgeable, insightful, honest, supportive, passionate, and uplifting. He helps us believe in ourselves and convinces us that we can do it. We could all use a regular dose of Craig!"

Ginny Burley
Director, Community Connections
, Montpelier, VT (2007)

"You're a splendid facilitator.  I've told so many people the story of how you used story-telling/personal sharing with candles and food to enable the young people to experience the connecting they so much want and deserve, instead of numbing the pain of loneliness with alcohol.  It was so brilliant of you.  And I include in my story the reservations I had about whether they could really pull that off.  So happy to be wrong, and to watch a friend and colleague do an out of the box design based on confidence in the trainees!"

George Lakey
Founder, Training for Change
, Philadelphia, PA (2007)

"Craig, it was really great working with you the last couple of days! Thanks for your honesty, perception, sensitivity, expertise and advice. I feel we will be able to make important steps forward as a result of our work with you. Thanks again for your inspiration. And for teaching us how to work with our passion. You lead by example!"

Deb Wolf
Director, Washington Central Friends of Education
, Montpelier, VT (2006)

"It was a great pleasure to work with Craig again. He is incredibly multi-functional. Because of his knowledge, insight, experience and skills, CHOICE managed to change its structure in a more effective way, which will definitely help us move forward; he makes strategic planning and organizational development exciting; is a coach for individual staff; and he even manages to offer life lessons along the way. We definitely want to see you back in the Netherlands for our next strategic weekend!"

Rose Koenders
Coordinator, CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality
, The Netherlands (2006)

"What surprised me about Craig is not only the high quality of his workshops, but also his great ability to adapt to the groups he works with. I had great pleasure working with Craig and I would not hesitate to confer further trainings I organize to him. Thank you for contributing in making ISSSA X a huge success!"

Judith Fiss
Director, International Summer School to Stop Aids (ISSSA)
, Belgrade, Serbia (2006)

"Craig, I just wanted to let you know that my participation in the MANY Conference was worthwhile because of your workshops and knowledge. Thanks again for the inspiration and great insight!"

Craig Wagoner
Chief Operating Officer, Children's Home Society of West Virginia
, Charleston, WV (2006)

"Craig provided our staff with an excellent training in the area of diversity. He deftly tailored the workshop to match the staff's needs and interests. We would not hesitate to ask him to return and provide further training"

Rory Madden, Ed.D., PC
Program Administrator, Project SMART
, Winslow, AZ (2006)

"Our group has some unique challenges that Craig was able to isolate and address immediately. Although we still have a long way to go, his guidance and approach has brought us much closer to a solution. He went above and beyond his call of duty with us and, for that, we are very much appreciative."

Patti Aldaz-Carrasco
Associate Director of Training, Communities in Schools
, Alexandria, VA (2006)

"Thanks for sharing the hopefulness and the inquisitive energy of your passions and thoughts with us. I wish I had more access to that in my life and more of that in me . . . maybe now I will."

21st Century Community Leadership Center Coordinator, Pennsylvania (2006)

"Colin Powell said 'You give me the right people, and I don't much care what organization you give me. Good things will happen. Give the wrong people, and it doesn't matter what you do with the organization. Bad things will happen.' Craig gave us the inspiration to motivate the right people so good things will happen for our organization!"

Margaret Staab
Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NW Wyoming
, Worland, WY (2006)

"Craig's training and design class is one of the best courses I've had throughout all of grad school—practical, challenging, and very useful."

Niles Comer
American University International Training & Ed Program
, Washington, DC

"We've hired Craig to provide a variety of high-quality programs and he remains one of our most popular trainers."

Nancy Johnson
Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth and Family Services (MANY)
, Florida

"I've known Craig for twelve years and his commitment to educating and empowering young people is unwavering."

Chris Murphy
Executive Director, City Year DC
, Washington, DC

"Without Craig being there to facilitate and guide the process, with everlasting patience and energy, our team could not have achieved so much."

Anneke Wensing
Executive Director, CHOICE
, The Netherlands

"Craig brings tremendous passion and effort to everything he does. This passion allows him to build instant credibility with his audiences and with other national and international leaders in the fields of youth development and non-profit and NGO sustainability."

Dragana Stojanovic
Director, Yugoslav Youth Information Center
, Belgrade, Serbia

"I have finally found some time to sit down and read some of your blog and [website] materials . . . I have spent my entire life, thus far, searching for a way to express my passion for others, social justice and progressive change. I am struck by your passion and, really, how it ignites a flame for me."

Marsha J. Streby
WMS Mentoring Project
, Indiana (2006)

"I heard Craig speak in San Antonio, too; and I love his teaching style-very visual, interactive, knowledgeable and balanced. I also like the fact that he includes everyone and when you ask a question he is very respectful."

Workshop Participant
Department of Education Training
, Florida (2006)

Featured Recommendation (More Available Upon Request)

Featured Recommendation (More Available Upon Request)

November 19, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Our agency, the National Mentoring Center, has worked with Craig Bowman since its inception in 1999 when Craig joined our project as a member of our Training Cadre and as a freelance writer. Our experience working with Craig has been nothing but positive and he has contributed significantly to the success of our project.

Craig brings tremendous passion and effort to everything he does. This passion has allowed him to build instant credibility with our training audiences and with other national leaders in the youth development field. He has tremendous skills in building relationships with individuals and institutions. Because of these skills, we've often asked Craig to take on many of the more difficult tasks our Center engages in: training on controversial topics, writing on building effective partnerships, and doing site visits to troubled mentoring programs.

Craig was able to excel at these tasks because of his ability to connect his knowledge and passion to the concerns, values, and needs of clients. He is especially skilled at getting groups to find common ground and in building consensus and teamwork, a natural extension of his abilities to relate well with others and bring a positive approach to difficult work.

In general, Craig has always been highly organized and has consistently met project deadlines. He has excellent verbal and written communication skills. His work for us—whether training, writing, or consulting—has always been of the highest quality and he has simply been a pleasure to work with both personally and professionally. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or recommendation.


Michael Garringer
Resource Advisor
National Mentoring Center
101 SW Main Street, Suite 500
Portland, OR 97204

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